The delightfully offensive magazine for men everywhere.

June's International Issue with the Girls You Know Natasha from Russia, Cassie from England, Janice from Puerto Rico, Andrea from The U.S. and Marcia, our cover girl from Brazil!

I tried to think of some clever opening one-liner or some inspiring story welcoming our readers to The Man-gazine (Man + magazine…catchy, I know) but I came to the realization that my readers are just like me: red-blooded men that like to drink beer, look at hot women, and are basically pissed off because we don’t get the proper recognition that we deserve.

That being said, this magazine is for us. It is put together with one purpose in mind: to to be the most awesome thing on the planet…within the confines of an electronic magazine. So welcome to The Man-gazine! Check out our crazy, but true stories written by real men and the sexy 'Girls You Know' models, hot girls you may live next to, but still don't have a chance with. All designed with the idea of being the delightfully offensive magazine for men everywhere!

Right now, this magazine is available exclusively to our servicemembers fighting for our freedom overseas. We are proud of your service and the models, writers and staff of The Man-gazine thanks you, even if it's by sending our incredibly crappy magazine to you free of charge to read while your on the john. Enjoy!

The 'Girls You Know' Models

We at The Man-gazine get it...we know Megan Fox is uber-hot, Angelina Jolie is a sex pot and even some of you out there wanna let Lady Gaga see your "pokerface." But let's be honest, your never gonna have a chance with any of them. So we came up with the "Girls You Know," hotties who just might be from your neighborhood and real enough that you just might have a chance with. Ok, so we're lying about that last part, but take a look anyway.

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The Man-stories: Crazy, but true

Everyone has a story to tell, and you've heard them all, but you haven't heard jack until you read these. Written by men for men, these are the crazy but true antics to provide a little wisdom and a ton of entertainment to the masses.

Man-gazine's Video of the Month

Check out The Man-gazine's Man Video of the Month - Epic Fail compliation

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Last minute stuff

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Be on the lookout in future issues as we look to add many more manly features to the magazine. Our creativity is running rampant since we have upgraded from Halo meetings to Rock Band meetings.

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