Current Staff Writers and Photographers

D. Swagger - The People's Champion of Awesomeness

D. Swagger is the man behind 'The Man-gazine.' He is the editor in chief, web master, lead photographer and story writer. All this and he still manages to be quite awesome. He is a master of many things manly, such as grilling, video games, and collecting weapons.

He goes by the moniker of "The People's Champion," because his vision of The Man-gazine is to be by the people and for the people. Legend has it he won that belt in a Irish Car Bomb drinking competition and keeps that belt with him wherever he goes.

Any challengers to his belt have been met with a swift and drunken end.

Josh Hachtel - The Youtube Phoenomenon

Josh Hachtel is the rugged man of The Man-gazine. All things country are his specialty including shooting rifles, fishing, and killing and skinning all manner of animals.

These days, Josh is more famous for his regular videos on Youtube, which has made him an internet celebrity, with over 1,000 suscribers and over 100,000 page views at last count. He also maintains a blog called, "Munch My Taint."

It is that aptly named blog that he contributes to The Man-gazine.

Past Contributers to The Man-gazine

Dr. Ali Mahmoud Durka IV aka Dr. Feelgood

Dr. Feelgood provided colorful advice on personal problems for past issues of The Man-gazine.

Sadly, after not appricating a writer's comments, he tracked the guy down and put a jihad on his ass. He has since been deported.

Phil Acio

Another one of The Man-gazine's founding members, Phil Acio was the driving force behind some of the most insane stuff ever to be produced in written text.

In another tragic end, he collasped under his own greatness and when insane.

Jessica Skye

Jessica Skye is the alias of The Man-gazine's first female writer. She provided her article, "That's what she said," which ironicly enough was filled with ways to get into girls pants from a girls point of view.

Her real name was never identified, but it is believed she transcended in a porno career.

Triple T

The Man-gazine's resident sports nut was a founding member and provided his own unique language from his native country, "Boston."

He also provided his monthly column, "Sh*t in my Cereal."

He is now pursuing a career with the Boston Red Sox.

Jonni Shayne, Sex Columnist

Jonni Shayne provided The Man-gazine with a monthly sex column from the unique persective of a woman who liked women and brought her skills to help men.

Jonni has changed her career for columnist to sex theapist for lesbians.

Cue aka Darkness is Spreading

Cue provided humor to The Man-gazine with his column called, "Bitch, that's Nature," which highlighted the stupidty of man as they tried to go one on one with the wild.

Cue is probably still a staff member, but he's so dark no one can tell where he is.

Brian Johns

Brian was The Man-gazine's movie reviewer. As an avid movie goer, Brian was so distressed about the quality of today's movies so he never gave any movie he saw over 2 stars.

Eventually, he became so fustrated with movies, he gouged out his eyes, never to watch movies again.